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St. Aloysius Church

Men's Cornerstone
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Men's Cornerstone

Church of the Presentation
            A Gathering of
Ordinary Men
In a 26 Hour 

Held at the:

The Church of the Presentation


Reflections from Ordinary Men like you: "Why attend Cornerstone?"

"Cornerstone provided a much-needed and long overdue reconnect with God. It also helped me realize what my priorities should be and to stop and give thanks for all that I’ve been given. It also provided a bond with new friends (ordinary men) that will last a lifetime. Highly recommended." -

Rich ‘06

"Cornerstone gave me the chance to take some time for myself and focus on me. I was able to reflect, re-evaluate, re-prioritize, and re-center. Cornerstone developed a real desire for me to search deeper for what my purpose as a Christian is."  Craig '96

"Cornerstone refreshed me...I had the opportunity to listen to men share their journeys... It gave me a chance to sit back, reflect on where I came from, where I am and where I'm going... in the process I met a great group of men, sharing the same roads."  Bob '06



            "The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone". - Matthew 21:42

The Cornerstone Story

The idea of Cornerstone is simple, but its impact has been profound.  Since the inception of this weekend over 25 years ago, more than 2,500 men have attended Cornerstone at Church of the Presentation alone.  In addition, hundreds more have enjoyed the experience at more that fifty parishes that also offered Cornerstone.



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