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Cornerstone retreat
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About Cornerstone

Cornerstone is a retreat program that has been very meaningful in the lives of a great number of men and women.

Cornerstone Alumni find that they have devolved a closer relationship with God, as well as a better understanding of themselves and others.  Many have found it a life changing experience.  Fellowship and direction are two of the wonderful gifts many get from Cornerstone.

The retreats are gender specific, men retreats and women retreats are held annually in parishes or among groups of parishes, as is the case here in the Greater Ossining area.  However, all are welcome.  People form other parishes are encouraged to attend and then bring Cornerstone to their parish. 

The retreat is a 26-hour, weekend experience.  Each year a new team is put together among new retreatants and Cornerstone alumni, they spend a year together building personal relationships, and producing and managing the next retreat.  Teams are predominantly lay people - your neighbors and fellow parishioners.  While Cornerstone is run by the Laity, we have a priest and a deacon involved for spiritual guidance. 

The goal of Cornerstone is for each retreatant to develop a stronger connection to God so that he/she may live the life that God wants he/she to live.

The purpose of a Cornerstone retreat is to give the retreatant answers, clarity, purpose, and hope.  The retreat means something different to each of us.  One thing it does universally, is put one in touch with other like minded people.  People who may very well team up in Christian projects, putting their faith to work, showing their love for God, by serving others.

The Cornerstone Concept:  Our stories are part of God's story, and only through sharing and owning our stories -- the good and the bad -- can we truly begin to understand and accept ourselves and others and to see how God is working in our lives. Cornerstone is a 26 hour retreat, allowing adults to become more actively involved in their spiritual development by examining and perhaps sharing their own stories, reflecting upon others�, forming meaningful relationships, and building community with God. Cornerstone is offered separately for men and women once a year and is held at the Church from Friday night to Saturday evening. The team is comprised of retreatants from the previous year who make a year long commitment to prepare the next Cornerstone. Participants often join team and/or form Small Christian Communities to continue their spiritual growth in the knowledge and love of God while helping others do the same.  This concise explanation was taken from the Church of the Presentation website.  The Church of the Presentation is where Cornerstone began.

There is more to life than the obvious, Cornerstone helps a seeker find all the unobvious wonders.

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