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Here we will tell the story of the beginnings of our church and how we became what we are today.


St. Aloysius, Jersey City

The first Mass remembered in Jersey City (Paulus Hook) was in 1829. The needs of the growing Catholic population there prompted approval of a new parish in West Bergen and another


(All Saints) in the Lafayette Section. The area of St. Patrick, west of Hudson County Boulevard was detached to form the new parish of St. Aloysius, which was incorporated on May 12, 1897.


Parish interest in Catholic education is reflected in the first building, a combination church and school. The cornerstone was laid in 1897 in the presence of 5000. Work then began on a rectory, completed in 1899. The school began with a staff of

four Sisters of Charity and 194 children with 225 in Catechism classes. The combination building was moved to its present location. Plans were drawn up for the present granite church in French Renaissance style. Church membership reached 4900 in 1912. In 1922 the cornerstone was laid for a new grade and high school, and three years later, a Social Center in the basement was opened. As school enrollment grew, renovations were made in 1929, 1938 and 1959. By 1940 the total school enrollment reached 1450, which led to plans for a new high school building.


A striking change in the complexion of the parish occurred with the erection of the A. Harry Moore Apartments as a low-income public housing project. The 664-dwelling units were occupied in 1953. Since then there has been a marked thrust in the direction of social action.


St. Aloysius implemented the reforms and changes of Vatican Council II, and modern technology was installed for smoother running of the parish plant. Spanish Masses and Masses for the elderly in the projects were added as a new Sacramental Program with accent on family life was begun. The parish continues alive and well and filled with hope as it enters the Third Millennium.

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