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o provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, especially for all of our first-time guests and members alike.  As a parishioner’s first contact on arriving for Mass, greeters play a key role in the unfolding of the liturgical action of the Eucharist.  Our goal is to make every person who comes through the church doors feel like a part of our parish family, by welcoming and supporting them in a positive, friendly, and spiritual manner.  We want everyone who enters St. Aloysius Church to feel welcome and loved.

How the Greeters
Became a Ministry
uring a reflexion the question came up, “How do we encourage people to come to our church?”  From the many responses received, a Greeters ministry stood out as one of the most needed services in our church.  If a person is visiting the church for the first time, his impression of the people in the church would determine whether he/she would come back again.  First impressions are important!  It has been said that first impressions make lasting impressions and we know that is true when a visitor comes to our church for the first time.  At St. Aloysius Parish we did not have people assigned to welcome or assist newcomers.  We needed a Greeters ministry. 

What We Do

Greeters are a ministry of hospitality.  It goes beyond greeting and welcoming newcomers or parishioners; it begins in the parking lot and extends beyond the foyer or lobby of the church.  The Greeter serves as an extension of the Priest.  A Priest cannot personally greet each member of the congregation, but a Greeter can act in his place welcoming all those who come to share in our Mass.  The Priest extends his personal expression of warmth by shaking hands after the Mass is over as we leave the church.

We provide a personal touch to make everybody feel welcome.  A friendly smile and welcoming words greatly bless us all.  We also distribute special handouts. 

How You Can Help

Are you looking for a way to serve our Lord through our church?  The ideal friendly congregation begins with effective Greeters who have the gift and grace to express social warmth and will share their time and commit their energy to this ministry.  An honest smile and heartfelt handshake given in Christ’s name nourish someone’s soul or satisfy someone’s need for more closeness.

Greeters’ highest virtue is their willingness to express human kindness.  Human kindness is the ultimate act of godliness.  It is the most unselfish service we can give to our Lord.  A kindhearted greeter and a warm hearted church is a perfect place to be for the Lord.  Be a part of this ministry and let us grow together in Christ.


 The gift and grace to express social warmth.

    †   An honest smile.

    †   An heartfelt handshake.

    †   A willing heart to serve the Lord and others.

If you are happy to be a part of St. Aloysius Parish, come and be a part of the Greeters ministry and help share your joy!  To serve the Lord is easy!  We are to love others. One way of showing that love is to be kind to others, to help them, give them a smile and a kind word.  Being a Greeter is a wonderful way to accomplish this service to the Lord, our church, and anyone who comes to Mass.

When We Meet


Announcements regarding special meetings and events will be noted in the Parish Bulletin.

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